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Recruitment Solutions


MJM Recruitment will provide clients with an innovative and hi-tech solution to all resourcing requirements. By profiling positions into strategic competencies aligned to company visions, recruitment is accurate and successful. MJM Recruitment takes the clients culture into consideration when recruiting thus making social adjustments easier.


MJM Recruitment has the expertise to provide the following recruitment services:

Permanent and Temporary Staffing Solutions Close understanding of our clients’ requirements underpins the work of MJM Recruitments’ Permanent Appointment Division. Our consultants have a background in:
• Office Support
• Financial and Accounting
• Information Systems
• Technical and Industrial
• Call centric
• Manufacturing
• Medical
• Gaming and Hospitality

We are able to offer our clients and candidates the flexibility of Temporary
Assignment Division:
• Office Support
• Financial and Accounting 
• Information Sytems
• Technical and Industrial
• Call Centric
• Manufacturing
• Medical
• Gaming and Hospitality

Our extensive database of qualified and experienced candidates enables us to accelerate the recruitment process to the benefit of clients and candidates. This allows MJM Recruitment to develop at short notice, a high quality interview list properly identified and profiled candidates, To comply with clients requirements. MJM Recruitment undertakes the following checks:
• Reference Checks
• ITC Checks
• Criminal Checks

This resource solution will provide our clients with:
• A cost-effective outsourced stable workforce
• Legislative compliance through the implementation of established human casuals and industrial relations practices
• Peace of mind

MJM Recruitment will provide our clients with a managed workforce for all branches on an outsourced managed basis. Through the implementation of this solution MJM Recruitment will relieve our clients of:

• Ongoing daily administrative tasks
• Payroll and related “hidden” costs
• Under utilized headcount
• Poor performing staff

This solution will allow our clients key management to focus on the core business and daily performance of the staff within the branches.

MJM Recruitment is a human resources consultancy, which now off ers an excellent and affordable outsourced payroll management service. MJM Recruitment services includes: Weekly/ Bi – Weekly/ Monthly Payslips, Electronic Payments to Employees, Statutory Body payments and submissions, IRP5/ IT3a Electronic fi les and Certifi cates, Management Reports and more.

 M.J.M Maid Services offers you both permanent and temporary candidates of the highest quality. Because we succeed in today’s highly competitive economic climate we need to stay ahead and that is why we have gone that extra mile to off er you the best domestic servants.

The MJM Recruitment infrastructure enables our Consultants to manage all HR and administrative functions of the outsourced managed workforce.

These functions are:
• Providing employees with a 3,4,6 or 12 month fixed term contract (as determined
by our clients).
• A one-day induction programme, into MJM Recruitment and our clients policies and procedures.
• Performance management of employees as determined by our clients.
• Payment of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly salaries. (In alignment with our clients staff procedures)
• Payment of PAYE, UIF, state and municipal levies.
• Distribution of individual pay slips and handling of related queries
• Administration of medical aid and provident fund contributions.
• Administration and allocation of annual, sick and maternity leave.
• Implementation of policies and procedures such as:
- Confidentiality Policy
- Employment Equity Policy

-Equal Opportunities Policy
- Leave Policy
- Performance Management Policy

We have an independent consultant with experience in the investigation of disciplinary offences, the implementation and representation during corrective disciplinary action regarding misconduct, poor work performance or incapacity and the handling of disputes at the Commission For Conciliation, Mediation And Arbitration (CCMA) and Labour Court. Legislative compliance is ensured by the implementation of recognised codes of good practice and the implementation of the following policies and procedures:
• Grievance Procedure
• Industrial Relations Policy
• Harassment / Bullying Policy

Daily MJM Recruitment Management Process
The MJM Recruitment outsourced managed workforce will be managed by MJM Recruitment Senior Consultant on a daily basis. (Senior Consultants) will be responsible for all daily administrative tasks and related queries. All HR and IR issues will be liaised with MJM Recruitment and our clients key personnel.

Senior Consultants will not interfere with the daily “business as usual” functions of the branches but will supply an added value service, which will:
• Relieve client personnel of additional HR tasks involved with traditional permanent staff .
• Address all IR related issues on a consultative basis with the MJM Recruitment IR, Payroll and key personnel of clients.

The role of the Senior Consultant
Senior Consultants are dedicated to delivering a service that is unequalled in the market place today, by ensuring that the MJM Recruitment outsourced managed workforce are managed in a professional and effective manner.An MJM Recruitment Senior Consultants will be dedicated to manage their clients outsourced
managed workforce.

Overall Activities of the Senior Consultant
• The Senior Consultant will also be sitting in at the primary interviewing stage of new MJM Recruitment Candidates. It is therefore ensured that as soon as clients are interviewing new candidates in the second phase, staff that is not of an acceptable calibre will not waste his/her time.

• Administration of an operational nature with regards to all MJM Recruitment Casuals will also be the responsibility of the Senior Consultant, ensuring the eff ective management of staff , and this in turn guaranteeing satisfied and happy Casuals.